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Your Buddy In BeeKeeping

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Simplifying Backyard Beekeeping!

The Bee Buddy is your all-in-one inspection and extraction solution!


We all know that Bee Keepers are creative people...

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There are many ‘work arounds’ to address gaps in existing product design that fail to meet our needs.


The Bee Buddy has been custom designed to support every stage of the Hive inspection and extraction process making it simpler and safer, all in one elegant complete unit.



Easier & Safer

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Stop Doing Things The Hard Way!

Removes the Occupational Health & Safety risk of weight handling during Inspection and extraction 

Simplifies inspections while protecting your Queen

Easily removes harvesting activities from the Hive vicinity, improving safety and minimizing loss of Bees & honey

Stores honey in a sealed environment preventing moisture, wax moth & robbing

Compatible with all honey extraction methods

NOTE : The Bee Buddy is NOT designed to be used as a permanent Hive

Beekeeper with Honeycomb

Top 10 Tips For A Successful Harvest!

The Bee Buddy is a result of lessons learned the hard way!

Download the FREE e-book to help avoid easy mistakes and have a successful harvest!

Your Bee Buddy

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